TNT will be mentoring FRC Team 6453 this year!

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TNT and Mustang PRIDE! members visit in the “Studio”

NEVIS SCHOOL- Members of rookie FRC Team 6453 made the trip down from Kelliher, MN today to visit with Team 3102. One of the newest teams to be attending the 2017 Lake Superior Regional and participating in FIRST STEAMWORKS, Mustang PRIDE! is composed of about 18 members, all anticipating the reveal of the 2017 game and ready for the season.

Kelliher team members recieved valuable advice about the upcoming competition season and how to participate in the FRC regional competition model. In addition, Team 6453 joined TNT in the “Studio” (the new name for the robotics building) to learn what supplies a team will need, the basic components of a robot, and all of the different positions and awards available at the regional level.

Of course, no visit is complete without taking Bob Ross for a spin! Kelliher team members had a great time demoing the 2016 Wisconsin Regional champion bot. Finally, team members split into groups for a more in-depth discussion of jobs with TNT’s department heads.

This is TNT’s first year mentoring a rookie FRC team, and Mustang PRIDE! will be making many trips to Nevis, as well as corresponding with TNT over email to answer questions and provide advice throughout the season.

Look for Kelliher’s pit this year at the Lake Superior Regional! It will be right next to ours. We are looking forward to an awesome 2017 season and the new experiences it will bring.

To view pictures of the visit, go to TNT’s website and click on media. We will be posting a video recap of the visit soon as well on our YouTube channel.

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